Hate Your Job? Here’s How You Got There

Last year, only 32 percent of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup. A little over 50 percent were "not engaged"; 17 percent were "actively disengaged." That's an awful lot of people who aren't crazy about their jobs – or at least, not crazy enough about them to concentrate on their work. If you're one of them, and generally consider yourself a hardworking person and a dedicated employee, you might be wondering how this happened to you.

SEM Strategists – We All Want to Know, Why Do You Hate Your Job?

This week, we released our annual Most and Least Meaningful Jobs report, featuring a special category for Jobs That Make the World Worse, where we asked workers if they felt their job makes the world a better place. On this list, you wont be too shocked to find that occupations like Fast Food Workers, Warehouse Pickers, and Table Game Floor Supervisors topped the list. But what about SEM Strategists? SEM Strategists tied for fourth on our list of Jobs That Make the World Worse, and I want to know why.

Is a Big Salary Worth Being Miserable?

We grew up hearing that money doesn't buy happiness, but if the past few years of economic turmoil have proved anything, it's that poverty can buy misery. It's no wonder if many of us have now changed our tune when it comes to the actual price of the best things in life, etc. But, there's a big difference between putting up with a less-than-exciting job in order to pay the bills and enduring a truly terrible work experience. The question is, does any salary, no matter how huge, make an awful job worth it?

Hate Your New Job? Here’s What to Do Next

A few weeks into your new job and you’re already dragging your feet on the way to work. You just can’t come to terms with working at this organization and have a sinking feeling whenever you think of a work day. Is It OK to just quit, or do you have to stick it out?

Hating Your Job Can Wreck Your Health

It's rare to make it through an entire career without ever having a bad job, but there's a big difference between a boring gig and a soul-crusher. The former is a stepping stone to something else; the latter can affect your attitude toward your specific career and the working world in general. Hang on long enough, or endure too much, and it can even make you sick.