Hotel Careers – Hotel Manager Salary

Job Title: Hotel Property Manager
Where: Jasper, Alabama
Years of Experience: 3
Other Relevant Work Experience: Desk Clerk
Education: West Limestone High School graduate
Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find the median hotel manager salary.

Hotel Careers - Hotel Manager Salary

“I clean anything that needs to be cleaned, fix anything that needs to be fixed, and I work non-stop from 8:00am until 11:00pm.” Managing a hotel is a tough job, but the reward of helping a diverse group of guests, and their kind words of appreciation, help offset long hours and often thankless work. In this Salary Story, an Alabama-based hotel manager shares an inside look at how challenging hotel careers can be. Learn why the most important qualifications to be a hotel manager might just be determination and a willingness to work 15-hour days.