How to Be a Good Human Resources Manager

Name: Carol L. Kardas
Job Title: President, KardasLarson, LLC
Where: Hartford, CT
Employer: KardasLarson, LLC, Human Resource Solutions
Years of Experience: 8 years
Education: Marymount College/Fordam University, BS Psychology. SPHR - Senior Professional in Human Resources, CCP - Certified Compensation Professional
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the Average Salary for an HR Manager.

HR Manager Career

You are about to read the story of a person who truly loves her job. There are many companies hiring for HR managers, but Carol decided to take a different route. Her resume is unique compared to the normal resume of HR managers. She has found a human resources niche and, if you already understand the administrative duties of an HR manager, her route may be the perfect road for you. In this Salary Story, Carol gives helpful advice on how to find success as an independent HR manager, and shares her passion for the career. Overall, she provides the great example of how to be a good human resources manager.

HR Manager Job Description

Carol: I am an independent contractor with a portfolio career as the human resource person for five companies. Additionally, I provide career counseling to displaced workers to help them find a new career. I also provide compensation services to not-for-profit agencies and create compensation programs for their organizations. I teach HR at a local college for other individuals who want to become certified as an SPHR or PHR. I have been able to take all the things that I love to do and put them into one interesting career. I never thought that I would be an entrepreneur.

Salaries for Human Resources Managers

Job Title: Human Resources Manager
Name: David Kennely
Where: Tucson, Arizona
Employer: Manufacturer
Years of Experience: 7
Other Relevant Experience: 2 years Customer Service Representative
Education: B.A. in Psychology, Master's Degree in Human Resources Management
Annual Salary: Median Salaries for Human Resources Managers range from $42,000 to $67,000 based on experience.

Like many students, David Kennely entered college without a clear vision of his future career. He had an interest in Psychology Careers and knew he wanted to work with people. After exploring his options he eventually found a career that fit his preferences, allowing him to create balance within the workplace.

Today, David Kennely is a human resources manager who loves his job. In this Salary Story, David explains how human resources management plays a role in maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships within his company. In David’s words, “good human resources is just good business.”