How To Find the Perfect Summer Internship

If you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, and you haven’t found one yet, now is the time to get serious in your search. And if you’re looking for the ideal fit, there are some steps you can …

‘The Internship’ Laughs at the Highs and Lows of Being a Google Intern

In "The Internship," Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play forty-something unemployed salesmen who are desperately seeking a mid-life change. Using their gift of gab, they talk their way into the Google Intern program even though they're twice the age of the rest of the group and they have no tech experience. (It's a comedy movie so you have to overlook the lack of logic.)

Out-of-the-ordinary Job Opportunities on LinkedIn [infographic]

Just when you thought you've seen it all, LinkedIn released an infographic revealing ads featuring everything from ninjas to Antarctica to Diane von Furstenberg. If job hunting hasn't been promising lately, you may want to test your luck with these not-so-conventional opportunities that could possibly hold the key to your career success!