The 4 Cities Creating the Most White-Collar Jobs

The professional and business services industry remains a strong part of the U.S. economy, adding jobs even when other sectors are weak, and offering significantly higher wages than other service-providing industries. In a recent piece for Forbes, Joel Kotkin …

What You Need to Know About the Occupation Gap (and How You Can Help)

The good news is that the economy has been adding jobs fairly steadily for several years now. The bad news is that many of the occupations projected to grow the most in coming years are low-paying jobs, and guess who will be filling these positions? That's right: women. Always have, always will – if something doesn't change. We'll take a look at why women end up in low-wage occupations and how this phenomenon, known as the occupation gap, is contributing to the gender pay gap.

Top 5 States for Job Growth in 2014

A weak December jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics not withstanding, 2014 is poised to be the year for job growth in the United States, according to Moody's Analytics. Of course, even if the economy does generate the 2.6 million jobs predicted, those gains won't be felt equally in every state.

Jobs of the Future [infographic]

With science and technology making advances every day, the world will soon require an entirely new set of jobs with unique skill sets for which only a few can qualify. The infographic below from Degree Query takes a look at jobs of the future and outlines why each will be necessary.