Do You Need to Accept a Job Offer Right Away?

Job Offer
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They made you a job offer! Awesome! But do you have to accept immediately? And what happens if you don’t?

You’ve been lucky enough to be extended a job offer. Maybe you’re still deciding …

Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Pay for Perks

From an HR manager’s perspective, swapping out a few digits on a paycheck and replacing them with perks might seem to make perfect sense. Bagels and ping-pong tables cost money, after all — if significantly less money than they’re likely …

When Is a High-Paying Job Not Worth It?

You've been offered a job that you're not sure about when suddenly the talk turns to salary -- and the employer is prepared to pay you a lot more than you ever imagined. As visions of a new car and luxurious vacations dance in your head, you quickly forget your initial reservations. A nice paycheck can certainly make up for a lot of faults, but it doesn't guarantee happiness.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Job

Congratulations! After what seems like an eternity of looking for a new job, you finally have that elusive offer. While the first thing you may be inclined to do is hit "reply" and accept the job, there are a few things you should consider first (if you haven’t already).

Getting Hired: 6 Mental Makeovers for the Class of 2015

Get ready for the real world, class of 2015. College is a supportive haven with lots of safety nets and a focus on individual achievement, but the workplace has different rules. You’re going to have to prove you can be fearless and independent, but also willing to share your success. Here's how to change your thinking.

Tips for Handling Multiple Job Offers Without Going Insane

It’s every job seekers dream. Imagine the thrill of getting multiple job offers from companies that want to hire you, now. But before you do cartwheels around the house, remember that this can be a confusing time too, filled with worry over what job will provide the best option for your career path. It can be difficult to decide what job offer will give you the compensation and professional reward you deserve.