Job Training Funds Go to Workers Who Need It Least

A recent Georgetown University report on employee training trends and spending claims that the least experienced American workers are often the ones who ironically receive the least postsecondary job training from employers and educational institutions. "Employer training trends to be for the most experienced and most educated employees," summarizes lead author Anthony Carnevale of the study's revelations.

On the Front Line: Life as a Female Journalist in Syria

Journalism can be a thankless job with its low pay, long hours and tremendous risks. Italian war correspondent Francesca Borri penned a harrowing essay about life on the front lines of Syrian combat, a war zone she covers as a freelancer and, against the patronizing advice of others, as a woman.

Salaries of Journalists

Name: Don Perteller
Job Title: Journalist
Where: Denver, CO
Employer: Freelance
Years of Experience: 10
Education: BA in Film, Wesleyan University
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average salaries of journalists in different cities.

Salaries of Journalists

Journalist salaries and careers vary greatly as we're about to see in this profile of a journalist who has spent a decade in the trenches. Veteran scribe Don Perteller (pictured here with Elvis' favorite chair in Studio-B at RCA Studios in Nashville) recently sat down with us to discuss the typical 9-to-5 journalist life, the different salaries of journalists - including the average salary for starting journalists, the steps to becoming a journalist and the drawbacks of being a journalist.

Having built a successful journalism career from the ground up, Perteller has first-hand knowledge of the average salary for starting journalists as well as how to manage the ups and downs of a freelance journalist's salary. Because the salaries of journalists are so varied, it's important to do your research if you're considering a career as a journalist. Would you prefer the life of a freelance journalist or being on staff at a magazine? This is a must-read for anyone who is curious about how to become a journalist or the salaries of journalists.