Employers: Finite Talent War

A shortage of qualified applicants is giving employees the upper hand in the talent war, with new hires making 5 percent more than they did only a year ago.

As human resources and hiring managers continue to seek qualified applicants, …

The 7 Highest Paying Jobs in LA

As the second largest metro in the U.S., Los Angeles has a lot to offer in terms of the job market. In 2016, the state of California as a whole has plans to add more than 650,000 jobs, according to …

Economist on Revised Jobless Claims: Numbers Suggest ‘Not Much Slack Remains in the Labor Market’

This week's jobless claims were lower than expected, but that's not the biggest economic news this week. That honor goes to the revised claims for the first week of March, reports Business Insider.

"Most of the changes were relatively modest, but the most notable aspect of the revisions is that claims for the week of March 5th (3 weeks ago) were revised down to 253,000 which is, as far as we can tell, the lowest weekly claims figure since November 24, 1973," writes Thomas Simons, senior economist at Jefferies. Simons called this "a remarkable statistic and it continues to suggest that not that much slack remains in the labor market."