Have Fun at Work, Learn More

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that could boost your career and make work more pleasant: have more fun at work. According to recent research, it could help you learn more without ever having to attend another corporate seminar.

fun at work
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The Robots Are Coming! 5 Jobs That Will Be Replaced in the Future

If you're a working person, you probably already know that you're not indispensable. There's always someone coming up behind you on the ladder, with newer skills and lower salary expectations. In the future, however, you might not be competing solely with other humans. Jobs ranging from cleaning person to airline pilot could be taken over by robotics, reports Mashable, citing an Oxford Research prediction that 45 percent of U.S. jobs could be computer-automated by 2033.

Want to Conquer a New Skill? Do It Every Day!

Nearly everyone has heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect” at some point in their life. Yet, what few people actually realize is that it’s 100 percent true. Repeated focus on any skillset can help to produce greater perfection. Whether you are learning a new hobby or just trying to hone your work related skills, taking the time to do it daily can help you to become better at it.