Rise Above the Bottom Line: The Benefits of a Liberal Education

There's more to life than money. These days, it can be hard to remember that. A lot of people focus on the bottom line – their compensation – when it comes to work. But, if you've ever been miserable at a high-paying job, you know that a big salary isn't always worth the cost. When it comes to education, the same principle applies. There's more to be gained from college than simply training for a high-paying job.

Top 5 Liberal Arts Schools by Salary Potential

Want a well-rounded education, but high earning potential when you graduate? You don't have to sacrifice a solid foundation in the liberal arts for practical concerns. Although STEM graduates routinely top the list of high-salaried grads, many of the schools on this year's College Salary Report offer plenty of options for humanities, arts, and communications majors.

Engineering Schools Top PayScale’s 2013 College ROI Report… Again

PayScale just released our 2013 College ROI Report, which measures the cost of attending over 1,000 colleges to median alumni salaries. Once again, Engineering Schools and Research Universities dominate the list of schools who offer the biggest return on investment for your hard-earned tuition dollars. For the second year in a row, Harvey Mudd College took home top honors, beating out better-known institutions like MIT and Caltech.