The Most Unappreciated Jobs In America


So, you’re unappreciated at work. Or you feel like you are. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Almost 30 percent of American workers feel unappreciated. But who are the workers that feel most unappreciated? Why do they feel this way? And what …

What Good Is Job Growth If You Can’t Earn a Living Wage?

Tomorrow's job report from the Labor Department is expected to reflect approximately 200,000 jobs added in April, and an unemployment rate holding steady at 5 percent. However, if you take a closer look at the data, a less rosy picture of the economy emerges. A disproportionate number of those jobs being added are in fact low-wage jobs. Besides the obvious fact that low-wage jobs don't afford a very cushy life for workers, very few offer health benefits, sick pay/leave, PTO, or retirement plans.