Christina Hendricks Makes a Plea for Equal Pay With PSA

You may know Christina Hendricks best from her role as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. There, she drinks liquor for lunch, types up notes using -- what else? -- a typewriter, and keeps the younger ladies in the office in line. After all, it’s the 1960s -- what else is she to do?

5 Career Lessons From the Ladies of “Mad Men”

The critically acclaimed television series "Mad Men" captures the essence of what work life was like in the 1960s -- marital affairs, mini bars in each executive's office, smoking indoors, segregation, and gender inequalities. Over the course of the show, the women of "Mad Men" break down the barriers that confine them in the home and in the workplace. Let's take a look at the inspiring career lessons that these courageous ladies have taught us over the years.

Mad Men: Are They Making Mad Money?

From naughty secretaries in tight, red dresses to sexist, chain-smoking account executives, the TV drama Mad Men has fans all a flutter about 1960s culture. Right down to single malt scotch during meetings, Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper ad agency …