Will Negotiating Lose You the Offer?

There’s no better feeling in your career than being offered the job of your dreams. All the hard work you put into your job search and interviews finally paid off big time, and you can’t wait to sign on the …

New Study Finds Link Between Books In Childhood and Earnings Later In Life

People aren't reading like they used to. In fact, last year, nearly a quarter of Americans did not read any book at all. That includes good old-fashioned print books, kindle versions, and even audio books. In 1978 however, the number of people who hadn't read a book all year was just 8 percent. Our culture is changing, and with so many leisure time options available, the practice of reading is starting to fall away a bit.

4 Benefits of Job Hopping

Job hopping (and job hoppers more specifically) can sometimes get a bad rap, but that could be changing. These days, job hopping is better understood, and people are realizing that changing jobs every few years could actually be really good for our careers. We should reconsider the concept of job hopping so that we can better understand the advantages it offers. Let take a closer look at a few of them.

2 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Negotiating Your Salary

Money isn't everything when it comes to your career, but it's definitely something to be considered. It's important to earn a salary that you feel is fair for your capabilities and experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming one of those employees who just goes through the motions at work and, eventually, grows angry, miserable, and envious. Don't let fear stop you from asking for what you deserve, or ignorance of negotiating techniques be the reason you don't ask for a fair wage. Being able to negotiate effectively will be your key to success, regardless of your industry.

Why It’s a Mistake to Be Too Humble at Work

You may have been taught at some point along the way that humility is a virtue worth embracing. And, in many ways that's true. There is a lot to be said for speaking and acting in a humble way. After all, someone who is too egotistical can come off as immature, untrustworthy, and even less likable – none of which will endear you to friends and colleagues. However, there is a happy middle-ground that is actually the best option. It can be a big mistake to be too humble, just as it doesn't pay off to swing too far the other way. Here are a few reasons why being too humble when it comes to your job and career could be a huge mistake.