Careers in Social Media

You’re a social WHAT?! Not long ago if you tried explaining the role of a Social Media Manager to your parents or someone from their generation, you were likely to get a blank stare, a look of serious confusion, or a flood of questions. Insta WHAT?! Facebook WHO?! My, how the times have changed. Social media is now a daily norm for most people, influencing many facets of personal and professional life. According to LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing was the hottest skill of 2013.

Merchandising Jobs – Marketing Consultant Job Description

Name: Marg
Job Title: Marketing Consultant
Where: Northeast PA
Current Employer: National Marketing Company
Years of Experience: 6
Other Relevant Work Experience: Program Coordinator/Writer
Education: BA Sociology, Assoc. Equivalency Paralegal, Assoc. Education
Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median salaries for marketers.

Merchandising Jobs - Marketing Consultant Job Description

Many businesses need their products to be marketed creatively, not just via advertising or the Internet, but through face-to-face contact with potential customers. An intriguing display can help draw people in to sample products and get information. For a successful marketer, flexibility is key - changing products, setting up multiple displays, and interacting with various consumers may all be part of a days work. In this Salary Story, an experienced marketing consultant describes what it's like to market products in various retail locations. Find out why merchandising jobs can be both fun and challenging.

PayScale: What is your marketing consultant job description?

Merchandise products from manufacturers, set up displays, distribute sample products, brochures and coupons to consumers.

Operations Program Manager Role and Responsibilities

Name: Henry Cubillan
Job Title: Sales Operations Program Manager
Where: Round Rock, TX
Employer: Dell, Inc.
Years of Experience: 3
Education: Goucher College, BA; Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA; Project Management Institute, PMP Certification
Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median Sales Manager Salary.

Sales Operations Program Manager Role and Responsibilities 

Henry Cubillan is one of the best inspirations for customer service we’ve interviewed. He has gotten to the top levels of a global company like Dell by working hard and utilizing effective customer service. In a chief role of operations program manager, Henry has been able to help customers from all over the world. In this interview, he discusses the functions of the operations manager and offers some sage advice for anyone pursuing a career in sales management.

What are the functions of an operations manager?

Henry: My main responsibility is to support fulfillment programs for some of our largest public and Fortune 500 customers. It's my job to craft a response plan that meets the customer's expectations in terms of procurement, SLA levels, product fulfillment and delivery. I am the face of operations in front of our customers and I ensure that all support teams throughout the organization work to meet the customer's requirements. For example, we may have a customer that needs 20,000 notebooks delivered to 550 locations around the world within a very short time frame. It's my job to work with the customer to understand their capabilities/limitations at each location, craft a delivery schedule that meets their needs, work with our fulfillment teams to ensure that (once a purchase order is received) we are building the product in a timely manner, comply with all of the customer's specific requirements, and deliver within the agreed-upon time frame at each and every location.