Super Bowl Ads Show Changing Gender Roles at Home and at Work

This year's Super Bowl commercials were all about the dad-vertising. Social media spheres were in a complete uproar over the latest string of ads featuring dads who were caring for their children -- swimming, potty-training, brushing hair, comforting, and hugging. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, according to more than one post.

Good Looks Lead to Higher Paychecks [infographic]

As you may have suspected, attractive people make more money. The question of whether or not prettier people, thinner people or just people who are more attractive than others are inherently prone to success has been debated for years. Numerous studies have shown however, that being attractive really does result in not only more attractive mates, but healthier and happier lives in general. And yes, even bigger salaries

Incivility in the Office – Women Work Harder and Men Call in Sick

Office life is often stressful. It's work, after all. And sometimes that means never ending phone calls, deadlines and meetings. Unfortunately, stressful offices can turn into downright unbearable atmospheres if you add incivility and disrespect into the mix. You may find it interesting that men and women handle this type of stress a bit differently.