How to Beat Clutter, Productivity’s Worst Enemy

Clutter is in the eye of the beholder. What may seem like a messy desk (or life) to one person, may feel like "just the right amount" of stuff to another. But what studies are showing is that when you clutter up your life too much, productivity can suffer. So whether it's your desk or your to-do list that's too full, take a moment to edit and you could find your life and career running more smoothly.

Have a Tidy Desk, Even If You’re a Slob

Depending on which experts you ask, a messy desk is either a sign of creativity or a serious impediment to getting stuff done. No matter which school of thought you belong to, there are times when it makes sense to organize -- even if it's just temporarily, in order to keep track of a particularly sticky project or impress a new boss. If you're Team Messy, but you need to be neat, here's how to do it.

Your Messy Desk Is a Sign That You’re Creative

Messy desk havers know that there's no real point in debating the relative merits of a messy workspace and a clean one: if you're inclined toward clutter, all the blog posts and expert opinions in the world won't change your habits. But is it possible that a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind?