3 Scholarships for Math and Science Majors (Plus, a Neat Tool to Find Money for Any Other Major)

Most career experts will tell you that picking a major solely based on money is a losing proposition. You might wind up with a well-paying gig after college, but you won't have much fun spending your money if you hate your job. Still, while money might not buy happiness, poverty certainly doesn't. If you're trying to figure out which major to pick, U.S. News' list of scholarships might sway your decision.

Cash Incentives, Plus Mentoring, Might Convince Some Students to Go to College

A recent study from the University of California Davis and Dartmouth University found that coaching plus cash incentives can have "meaningful impacts" on students' decisions to attend college, as well as finish their degree. The catch? The impact was only noticeable on female students and recent immigrants. Male students who were native residents of the U.S. showed no variation in behavior.