Does Listening to Music at Work Really Rock?

Some folks love listening to music while they work. They’ll blast it from their computer’s speakers if given the freedom to do so, otherwise you’ll likely find them pacing around their office, or even the halls, with their earbuds seemingly …

10 Songs to Get You Through a Terrible Workday

We've all been there: a no-good, terrible, very bad day at work and it's only 11 a.m. What can you do (besides running for the door screaming) but put on your earphones, crank the volume, and keep your head down while you blast through some TPS reports like nobody's business? Here are some of the best songs to get through those tough times and help you come out on top.

8 Songs to Listen to, While You Quit Your Job

If you've ever resigned or been fired from a job, you know all too well the emotions that go along with it. But, have you ever stopped and wondered, "What song would help me really make a statement as I walk through my office door for the last time?" See for yourself what magical songs these Redditors picked.

Music for Productivity: Match Your Tracks With Your Tasks

Look around any office today and you will squint to find more than a handful of people without their ears plugged into headphones. With that said, most people would agree that music helps them work better throughout the day. But did you know that you can legitimately match your music tracks with your tasks, for optimal productivity?

Is Listening to Music at Work Really Good for Productivity?

Some people like to listen to music while they work, believing that it helps them improve their focus, and maybe even their mood. But, is there any truth behind the idea that listening to music around the office is good for productivity? Might some music do the trick better than others? We looked to science for some answers. Here are a few things we discovered.

Tunes to Boost Productivity

Do you listen to music at work? A recent study suggests that you might be doing more than just drowning out your neighbor's incessant chatter. You could be relieving stress, boosting productivity, and even improving your mood, all of which can make you a better, happier, more efficient worker. If you still need to convince the boss that you're not goofing off every time you don those headphones, consider the facts.

Music Affects Worker Productivity

If we all cranked up our music at work, everyone's productivity would suffer. But in small doses and at reasonable volumes, music can be extremely beneficial in the workplace. Different types of music have different influences on our behavior and productivity.

Does Listening to Music Help or Hurt Productivity?

If you want to start a fight at your next team meeting, just ask the group if they think listening to music helps them work better -- or totally kills their concentration. In no time at all, you'll have people lined up on two sides of the room, snapping their fingers and advancing on one another in a menacing fashion, like Sharks and Jets in button-down shirts.

4 Ways We Should All Be More Like Kanye West

Kanye West’s recent interview with The New York Times has garnered a lot of attention because of some of his more narcissistic statements: “I am the Michael Jordan of music” and “I understand culture. I am the nucleus.” It’s easy to just write West off as a pompous star, but his influence and success merits a closer look. Here are four ways we should all be more like Kanye West, based on his quotes from the recent interview.

Music Producer Salary

Name: Meghan Gohil
Job Title: Music Producer
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employer: Owner of Hollywood Recording Studio
Years of Experience: 20+
Education: Masters in Media Communication / Audio Engineering, Webster University
Salary: A Music Producer's salary can range from $20,000 to over $1 million per year

Music Producer Salary

Becoming a music producer sounds exciting to many young people, but they just don't know how to get started. Having produced and engineered top rock acts, Meghan Gohil is the perfect subject to ask about a music producer career and a music producer salary. In this interview, Meghan recalls his path to becoming a music producer, discusses the salary of a music producer and explains the actual role of a music producer. If you've ever wondered about embarking upon a music producer career or the elusive numbers behind a music producer salary, this is a must-read interview!