Touring With the Band: Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay

Whether you're into hair bands or hip hop, you may have wished you could tour the word with your favorite band. Extravagent backstage buffets and longs nights of partying await you, but would you earn any money? decided to talk to some music industry insiders of today and find out what it’s really like to go on the road with a band. The following are insider tips on snagging a job as part of the crew, learning needed skills, networking, typical pay and more.

Professional Musician Careers: Average Musician Salary

Name: Stefano Capobianco
Job Title: Musician (Singer/Songwriter/Producer)
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employer: Self-Employed (
Years of Experience: 18
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Salary: $50K (See PayScale's Research Center for the average musician salary by years of experience)

Professional Musician Careers: Average Musician Salary

Since a musician's salary can vary as much as music itself, the average musician salary may seem elusive. During our interview with professional musician Stefano Capobianco, we learned that the average musician salary is shaped by many factors, including the size of venues that one plays, types of music (covers or original) and income earned from TV or films. We asked this veteran player about his professional musician career and musical influences, the average musician salary, educational requirements for a musician, what advice he has for anyone interested in professional musician careers, and that all important question: why musicians get the girls.

Many people dream about being rockstars, but professional musician careers require hard work. If you're wondering how to make your dreams come true, whether you just finished your first guitar lesson or you're about to take your band on the road, don't miss this success story about one professional musician career.