Your Boss Should Let You Nap at Work, and Here’s Why

If you're scanning Twitter for the #NationalNappingDay hashtag and scowling enviously at anyone whose employer offers a space-age nap pod or even just a dedicated room for the occasional snooze, take heart. While we can't promise you that your boss will care, the good news is that science is on your side when it comes to the benefits of napping.

How to Nap Effectively [infographic]

Americans often look at taking a nap as being a waste of time; however, in Spain, local culture recognizes the benefits a nap can provide. In fact, businesses close down for a period of time in the midafternoon so that workers can take part in a designated naptime called a "siesta." This infographic centers on catching some quick Z's and how to do so effectively.

Napping at Work Is Good for Your Heart

AOL Jobs

By Lisa Mandel, AOL Jobs

It looks like nap time isn't just for toddlers any more. A recent study shows that bagging a few Zs during the day at work could not only refresh you and reduce stress, but could even have cardiovascular benefits.