How to Make Friends at Work, When You Are a Newbie

If you are new to your company, in addition to understanding your role, responsibilities, and company culture, you also need to make an effort to get to know your colleagues and make friends. Since you spend most of your waking hours at work, it makes sense to form a healthy bond with your colleagues from the start.

Can Meditation and Yoga Save Your Company?

There may be a very simple solution to all of your company's woes. Yoga and meditation are two tools that are being used by several companies who are finding that it not just helps the well-being of employees, but also the bottom line.

Photographer Captures ‘Soulless’ Jobs at Amazon’s UK Fulfillment Center

The English town of Rugeley was once a thriving place, with residents easily finding employment at the local coal mine. In 1990, that coal mine shut down, leaving many jobless -- some for as long as two decades. Then came along Amazon. The online retail giant opened up a fulfillment center in the small town in 2011, giving locals new hope and prospects to reignite their livelihood.

Women Are More Stressed Than Ever [infographic]

We've all heard about how difficult our ancestors had it. For some of us, it was Grandma washing clothes out of a washtub by the river. For others, it was the good 'ol "walking miles to school knee-deep in snow" story. So women today should have it easy, right? Not so fast, according to this HeartMath infographic.