Dress Codes Are Dumb…Or Are They?

Dress Codes
Image Credit: Pexels / pixabay.com

The idea of a dress code at a place of business – staffed by adults – might seem rather antiquated and juvenile. Or it might seem like the best idea ever. It kind of depends.…

The Worst Company Rules Ever

company rules
Matthew Henry/Unsplash

From lack of parental leave to counting key strokes, some companies have some pretty terrible rules and policies.

Do you disagree with some of the policies that are currently in place at your company? It can be …

5 Reasons You Need a Work Spouse

work spouse

The term “work spouse” is used to describe a close professional relationship between two people. A work-spouse relationship doesn’t have to mimic your romantic relationships in terms of the genders involved, nor does your work spouse need to have …