5 Bad Boss Stories That Will Make You Grateful for Your So-So Manager

Bad bosses are a big deal. It's next to impossible to enjoy your work if the person in charge is a micromanager, or unavailable when you need them, or just plain incompetent. At some point in our careers, most of us run into a less-than-ideal boss. But, there are a few horrible managers out there who are so bad, they're almost legendary. Reading about them will almost certainly make you feel better about your boss.

3 Warning Signs That Your Boss Hates You

Feel like the boss doesn't like you? It might not be paranoia. It's possible that the boss really doesn't care for you. Worse, he might even want you to quit. If that is the case, staying in your current position may not be the best way to advance your career. Sometimes, however, you can find ways to improve the situation and have a good working relationship with your boss. Here are the three biggest signs your boss doesn't care for you, and how to respond.

How to Avoid the Office Food Pusher

Getting along with co-workers people can be hard, especially during the holiday season, which offers a particular challenge: how to avoid eating everyone's leftover candy, home-baked treats, and edible gifts, without alienating team members.

5 Reasons You Need a Work Spouse

work spouse

The term “work spouse” is used to describe a close professional relationship between two people. A work-spouse relationship doesn’t have to mimic your romantic relationships in terms of the genders involved, nor does your work spouse need to have …

Please Don’t Play Any of These Horrible April Fools’ Pranks on Your Coworkers

Depending on your perspective, April Fools' Day is either the highlight of the year -- or a great day to work from home. Even if you're totally anti the entire concept of April Fools', you have to admit that some pranks function as a kind of team-building exercise: something funny happens, everyone has a laugh and blows off steam, and hopefully, co-workers feel closer. Unfortunately, when pranks go wrong, they go really wrong, leaving a trail of hurt feelings and dented career prospects in their wake.