Are Things Looking Up For Older Workers?

Older Workers
Image Credit: Pexels / bruce mars

Older workers carry a large burden. These days, many are hoping to save for retirement and also help younger loved ones find their economic footing. It’s a lot to take on. But could things …

3 Reasons to Switch Careers, Even When You’re ‘Too Old’

You may be thinking that an old dog can't learn new tricks (or find someone to pay them for learning of said tricks), but it simply isn't true. Even if you're an "older" member of the workforce, you can (and maybe should) think about switching careers. New jobs and different responsibilities can lead you to discovering amazing things about your personality, interests, and what makes you actually want to get up in the morning. Now, here are some good reasons to think about switching.

Older Job Seekers May Have Advantages

It seems that workers 55 and older are not planning on retiring the way they used to. Some continue to work to make ends meet, some to fund their leisure pursuits, and still others simply because they have energy and want to do something productive with their time. If you are an older worker looking for a part-time or hourly job, use your age and experience to your benefit.