Those Open-Plan Office Blues: 7 Horror Stories to Make You Long for Walls

Ah, open-plan offices. Proponents say they can encourage creativity and collaboration among staff members, while allowing workers flexibility to decide where in the office inspiration is most likely to strike. Of course, open-office boosters generally have another reason to push for them: fewer walls can mean less square footage per person, which equals lower real estate costs. As commenter Meghan C. said, "What bugs me most about open floor plans is imagining The Powers That Be sitting in their @#$% offices saying how great open floor plans are." If you're not a fan of the wall-free office, these tales of woe, collected from Facebook users, will seem pretty familiar.

Workers Hate Open Floor Plans

Open-plan offices always look so cool when you see them in pictures, like maybe the ball pit and cotton candy machine are just around the corner. (And, of course, if you work at Google, they very well might be.) But all is not bliss in the land of sunlight and easy collaboration.