Great Career Advice From Famous Dads

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th. This holiday provides an excellent opportunity for both celebration and reflection on all of the wisdom that’s been handed down.

This year, let’s celebrate Father’s Day by honoring the dads who have inspired and …

Helicopter Parents Could Damage Children’s Careers

The term "helicopter parent" is used to describe parents who hover over their children, smothering them with concern, attention, advice, and especially involvement. It's important that parents be involved in their children's lives, but helicopter parents, by definition, take it too far. Still, some folks proudly cop to the label, feeling that a desire to protect their kids is natural, and indeed it is. But, this style of parenting, when taken too far, can hurt more than it helps, especially if kids grow into adults and the helicoptering continues.

Super Bowl Ads Show Changing Gender Roles at Home and at Work

This year's Super Bowl commercials were all about the dad-vertising. Social media spheres were in a complete uproar over the latest string of ads featuring dads who were caring for their children -- swimming, potty-training, brushing hair, comforting, and hugging. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, according to more than one post.

Happy Workers Love Their Mothers

Did you know your mother follows you to work? Well, she may not actually be following you to your desk, but her influence does. A recent study found that mothers play a unique role in what kind of worker you become. It turns out that a strong relationship with your mom may cause you to be less focused on money, and more focused on finding meaning and purpose in what you do.

When Childless Employees Miss Out on the Benefits of Work-Life Balance

We seem to focus quite a bit these days on businesses that provide benefits and perks to mothers and fathers. Companies that are empathetic to the needs of parents and provide a working environment that helps them balance family and career are repeatedly rated as some of the best companies to work for. What about childless couples though? Are you missing out on these work-life benefits because you don’t have kids?