5 Tips for Asking to Work Fewer Hours

There are many reasons why you might want, or even need, to reduce your working hours. You might have caregiving responsibilities that need to take priority, for example. Or, you might just prefer to work four days a week instead …

One Company Offers a Work-Life Balance Solution for Moms: Part-Time Jobs

Being a working mother in America is no easy feat. Not only are there extremely limited or no paid leave options for a vast majority of working parents, but the high cost of childcare and long American workday force many women to leave their careers behind to care for their children. One company is trying to change that for working mothers. How? By giving moms the opportunity to work part-time.

Part-Time is the New Full-Time in the Restaurant Industry

Economic recession replaced full-time work with part-time gigs, easy to fill because widespread joblessness means more people will accept just about any employment opportunity. That's good news for employers trying to save a buck by bypassing the need to offer healthcare, but pretty sucky for the rest of America who have to accept that, well, part-time is the new normal.