Are You a Toxic Employee? [infographic]

Is your office a den of negativity? If you're constantly complaining to co-workers about how much you hate your job, looking for any and every excuse to get away from your desk, and gossiping more than talking about work projects, the problem might be you. Find out if you possess any or all of the 13 most common traits of a disengaged and toxic employee, and change your ways before you tank your career.

3 Tips for the Office Introvert

The average American office is not a great place for an introvert, and with the current focus on collaboration, teamwork, and open work spaces, it might be getting worse. This is too bad, and not just for the poor beleaguered introvert; companies need a good balance of personality types in order to succeed, and crushing the souls of their most inner-directed and thoughtful workers is not a great way to encourage that.

Learn These Four People Styles to Increase Productivity

The people around you and the relationships you have with them have a big impact on how much you get done. While at work, having a good relationship with your coworkers is important because you will naturally be more productive. However, coming across colleagues who you just can't seem to get along with is an unfortunate part of the territory -- we've all either been there or will be there someday, and the outcome is usually less than ideal.