The Worst Company Rules Ever

From lack of parental leave to counting key strokes, some companies have some pretty terrible rules and policies.

Do you disagree with some of the policies that are currently in place at your company? It can be awfully frustrating to …

5 Ways HR Can Make Your Life Better

Many workers spend the bulk of their career trying to avoid dealing with human resources, seeing it as a combination principal's office/courtroom. That's too bad, because there's a lot that HR can do to better your career, provided that you know how to use this function correctly.

Should Employees Be Allowed to Surf Social Media at Work?

Social media can be a great escape for those times when work becomes overwhelming or downright boring. Not surprisingly, many companies are reluctant to encourage what they see as time-wasting on the part of their workers. Is it ever OK, then, for employers to limit their employees' use of social media at work?