How to Give a Great Presentation to a Tough Room

Image Credit: Pexels / Jaime Fernandez

Palms sweating, head blurring, notes lost — standing up in front of a room of your colleagues can be one of the most stressful parts of your job. When public speaking gives you the …

How to Love Giving Presentations (Yes, Really!)

In a perfect work world, we'd only have to do the things we're good at and enjoy. Introverts would be left alone to work on one-person projects, and only professional actors and PowerPoint enthusiasts would ever have to give a presentation. No surprise: we don't live in that perfect world. But that doesn't mean that every public speaking situation has to be a nightmare for you or your career.

How to Enter a Room Like You Own the Place

If you have a big job interview or presentation coming up, you've probably already thought a lot about how to make a good first impression. You know you need to dress professionally, for example, and make eye contact. Perhaps you've even thought about things like the strength of your handshake or the genuineness of your facial expressions. But you probably never thought about one key ingredient for winning over your audience: the way you enter a room.

5 Reasons You Probably Suck at PowerPoint

In the wrong hands, corporate America's favorite presentation software is less a productivity tool and more cruel and unusual punishment. Anyone who's ever sat through an 80-slide-long presentation on an initiative that could have easily been summed up in a three-paragraph email knows what we're talking about.