Can You Dress Up Too Much for Work?

When it comes to picking out an outfit to wear to work, you might think that the only wrong move is to wear Saturday’s jean shorts to Monday’s meeting. But it’s also possible to err in the other direction.

You …

Help! I Don’t Want to Be a Manager

If you’ve been offered a promotion, your boss must think you’re a valuable asset and have been doing excellent work. For most of us, a promotion is cause for celebration – but what if it’s for a role you don’t …

PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Is Your Phone Hurting Your Career?

Picture your last meeting: it probably involved a lot of people staring at their mobile devices, and not many people engaging with the speaker. Worse, our device addiction has spread outside the confines of the conference room. People now look at their phones while they're supposedly having conversations with clients and colleagues. All of this is rude, of course, but more importantly, it's an attention-killer. After a few years of checking your phone every couple of minutes, it's hard to even remember how to entertain yourself or focus on anything. In today's roundup, we look at a few rules to keep your smartphone and other devices from taking over your life; plus, why someone else got promoted instead of you, and 20 affirmations that will appeal even to people who hate affirmations.

What If You Don’t Want to Be the Boss?

Even if you love your job, chances are that you're hoping to move beyond it someday. Ideally, you want that movement to be in the direction of the tasks and experiences you like the most about your working life right now, and away from what annoys you. There's just one problem: at most organizations, moving up the ladder means moving into management, and not everyone wants to be a manager.

8 Things to Do When Your Peer Becomes Your Manager

You may have worked on the same team together as peers, been classmates in school, and come up for promotion at the same time. But only one of you made the cut this time, and it was not you who was promoted. Now your peer is your manager, and as much as you resent it, there's little you can do but accept her in her new role. Assuming you’re not in a rush to head out the door, here are a few ways you can handle the transition.

Didn’t Get That Much-Anticipated Promotion? Here’s What You Should Do Next

You've worked long and hard this performance cycle for a promotion. You know you’re going to make it; it’s almost there. You walk in to your performance review looking forward to the discussion, only to be disappointed. Your manager only shares your performance feedback and maybe the increment letter. What happened to your promotion? Before you take any drastic steps, here’s what you can do to help your career.