What to Expect From Your Co-Workers After You Announce That You’re Quitting

These days, people change jobs, on average,12 times during the course of their career. Still, given the depth of commitment we give to our place of employment, (sometimes feeling it's more like a family than a company) and the time and energy we invest, it's not too big a surprise that the announcement that someone is moving on can cause quite a stir. If you've recently announced that you're leaving a job, even if you were anticipating some upheaval, your co-workers' reactions to the news might surprise you. Here are some common responses.

Is a Big Salary Worth Being Miserable?

We grew up hearing that money doesn't buy happiness, but if the past few years of economic turmoil have proved anything, it's that poverty can buy misery. It's no wonder if many of us have now changed our tune when it comes to the actual price of the best things in life, etc. But, there's a big difference between putting up with a less-than-exciting job in order to pay the bills and enduring a truly terrible work experience. The question is, does any salary, no matter how huge, make an awful job worth it?

PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: How to Quit Your Job, Become a Social Introvert, and Change Your Attitude

One of the toughest things about life, both personally and professionally, is that there's only so much you can control. You can't change your nature, for example, and become wildly extroverted if you're someone who draws her energy from within, and you can't necessarily make a bad job into a good one. You can, however, learn to make things better by cultivating certain skills and improving your attitude. And sometimes, you can quit your job and go on to another one -- if you go about things the right way.

5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

No matter how many 200,000-plus job reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics cranks out, the economy is a long way from supporting the decision to quit your job on a whim. But, there are circumstances under which an accelerated plan of departure makes sense. If any of these conditions exist at your job, it's time to start buffing up your resume and calling old co-workers for coffee dates.

#PayChat: When (And How) To Quit

It’s almost time for another #PayChat, PayScale's monthly Twitter chat where we discuss your most burning questions about career and pay. In the past, we've talked about how to network your way to a new job and how to negotiate your salary. On Wednesday, April 24th, we'll discuss the other side of the career coin - when is the right time to walk away from a job, and what is the best way to break up with your boss?

Americans are Quitting at a Pre-Recession Rate

American workers are feeling much more confident lately and have been quitting their jobs at a rate that hasn't been this high in five years. In fact, a new survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that people are quitting at the highest rate since before the recession hit.

JetBlue Flight Attendant: No Salary Would Be Enough

When JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater felt the impact of a passenger’s bag on his head, something inside of him snapped. He was angry. He had had it. He was done. No salary, no job security and no benefits could keep him from unleashing his anger over the intercom, grabbing two beers and sliding down a slide and off of the job. As the Salary Reporter I have to ask, what sort of earnings was Slater leaving behind?