How to Survive the Next Recession

Recessions happen.

You don’t have to be a doomsayer to know that. So, considering that recessions are cyclical and that it’s been eight years since the the Great Recession ended, now’s the time to start preparing yourself to survive the …

Japan Aims to Raise Wages for Contract Workers

Thirty-seven percent of the workforce in Japan are short-term contract workers, earning less pay and receiving fewer benefits than regular, full-time employees. But the gap between regular workers and contract workers could be about to close.

Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s Minister …

Middle-Wage Jobs Make a Comeback

Since the end of the recession in 2009, the news has been grim for middle-income workers. Many middle-wage jobs disappeared during the Great Recession, while new jobs clustered in high- and low-earning professions. Now, a new analysis from the Federal …

How Many Americans Have ‘Good’ Jobs?

Having a job is one thing. Having a good job is another. If you’re a professional who endured the Great Recession, earning a paycheck was your main concern. From a broader economic perspective, those tough times ended in June 2009, …

How the Great Recession Changed Millennials’ Lives Forever

It's not easy to "make it" in this country on your own. Every generation has struggled to find their professional path, to gain intellectual, personal, and financial independence, and establish a life for themselves. But, there is no doubt that the latest generation to enter the workforce, the Millennials, has had an especially difficult time getting started.

Ready to Quit? It’s Probably Because of Your Boss

The recession caused many people to lose their cushy corporate jobs, and forced the newly unemployed to take on whatever job came their way, because any job was better than no job. Right? As it turns out, not really. We’ll examine how neglectful bosses are the cause of millions of employees ditching their jobs for bigger and better career opportunities.