Engineers at This Chinese Startup Can Make $3M Per Year

A company needs to hire excellent employees in order to thrive. But, it’s not easy to attract top talent — especially for a startup. However, one Beijing company may have found a solution.

Entrepreneur and founder of Beijing ByteDance Technology …

Authors, Actors, and Now … Developers? Why Agents Are the Next Big Trend in Tech

The world in which employees worked at the same company for 30 years and retired with a gold watch is long gone. Today, it's much more common for a person to change jobs every four to five years and even that stretch of time with one company could be considered long, if you're a member of the tech industry, and living in the "1099 economy," so named after the 1099 tax form for reporting self-employment earnings.

The Cost of a Bad Hire [infographic]

Looking for the perfect candidate to fill an empty position within your company is no easy task. But if you don't take the time to find the right hire, it can cost your company thousands of dollars. The infographic below from Kira Talent outlines how much a single bad hire can cost you.

Is Diversity Declining in Top Professions?

A half-century after the advent of affirmative action, diversity in the nation's top professions appears to be stagnating. An analysis by the New York Times includes startling figures showing that the percentage of black doctors and architects, to name a couple fields, has remained the same for two decades.

3 Hiring Tips for Newbies

When your new company starts to grow and it's time to start hiring new employees, you might start banging your head against the wall because the process is just no fun. Alex Schiff, the founder of Freshnotes, recently found himself in the same position and had to learn all about the hiring process the hard way. For other budding companies, Schiff has provided a few tips he learned along the way.