6 Easy Ways to Build a Good Reputation at Work

Having a good professional reputation is very important. When others think highly of us, it makes our lives a little easier. Our good ideas are ushered in with greater ease because people believe in us and in our contributions. Our …

6 Ways to Get What You Want at Work, Without Looking Like a Jerk

It can be hard to ask for what you want at work, especially when you're anticipating a lot of push-back. But, when it comes to important things like salary or work-life balance or working conditions, it's essential not to give up. Here are a few tips for getting what you want at work, without alienating your co-workers, clients, or boss.

Peeple Might Be a Hoax, But You Can Learn From It Anyway

Imagine a world in which every former boss, bad first date, or disgruntled colleague could complain about you online – and it would have the weight of a LinkedIn recommendation or a Yelp review. That's the dystopian future seemingly promised by Peeple, the as-yet-unlaunched app that would allow users to rate people as if they were restaurants or movie theaters. As you can imagine, the internet burst into flames, hounding the founders on social media until they took down their feeds, accounts, and even the company site itself. There's just one problem: some savvy watchers of internet brouhahas are now asking if the the whole thing is a hoax.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation During a Job Search

Graduates everywhere are embarking on the job search of all job searches, figuring out where their postsecondary education can take them and learning how to get there. But as any college student knows, in the middle of all the studying done over the last four years, there were a lot of debaucherous nights that may have been documented online. Unfortunately for these individuals, potential employers will search for applicants' names in search engines, and some of those embarrassing photos from those nights you can't remember are going to come back and haunt you. TrustedID has provided a few tips for how to take control of your online reputation before you begin your job search.