Liars of Reddit Share Their Greatest Resume Achievements

When it comes to creating resumes, honesty is the best policy. But sometimes, the prospect of a brand-new, shiny job can convince even the most honest person to add a little bit of puffery to their resume. Based on these tales from Redditors who admit to lying on their resumes, we can see that this type of strategy can have a number of different and surprising outcomes.

Jack of All Trades Finds Permanent Solution for the Common Resume

When it comes to making resumes, there are certain standard techniques for helping your CV rise to the top of the stack, like using the right format for the industry, keeping it to one page, and making sure you're presenting your most relevant experience first. But if you find the maintenance of resumes too tedious, and you like tattoos, this Redditor has one solution you really have to see for yourself.

Plunging Into Personal Websites: Do’s, Don’ts, and General Guidance

I can still recall the feeling of accomplishment the day I completed my first resume. It was similar to what I imagine Sir Edmund Hillary felt when reaching the top of Everest. I was done! I might as well have carved it into stone. Then reality struck me across the face, just like the northerly winds at the top of the world must have done to Sir Hillary. Life is not static, and neither are our resumes.