How I Got My Dream Job: Megan Baker, Senior Director of Program Management, FreeWheel

Meet Megan Baker, Senior Director at FreeWheel, a company that produces and manages the technology behind ad-supported content for some of the heaviest hitters in the television industry. (Clients include ABC, AOL, DIRECTV, ESPN, NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting, and Viacom, to name just a few.) Drawing on the same work ethic and no-holds-barred gumption she used to put herself through NYU by balancing multiple jobs while maintaining a full course load, the Long Island native forged an impressive career spanning multiple industries before landing at her current gig at FreeWheel.

Event Specialist Jobs – Demonstrators and Product Promoters

Name: Sara Blackmon
Job Title: Event Specialist
Where: Gastonia, NC
Current Employer: Crossmark, Inc.
Education: Olympic High School
Salary: Research median salaries for demonstrators and product promoters.

Event Specialist Jobs - Demonstrators and Product Promoters

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a positive job outlook for demonstrators and product promoters over the next several years. That's good news for people who enjoy working with the public and want a flexible work schedule. In this Salary Story, we get an insider's look at what demonstrators and product promoters do on a  daily basis - learning about new products, working in different venues, and communicating with a wide variety of people. Not to mention avoiding the occasional exploding carton of milk. Keep reading to find out why this job can be both challenging and fun.


Marketing Assistant / Administrative Assistant Description

Name: Lars Carlson
Job Title: Marketing Assistant / Administrative Assistant
Years of Experience: ? year
Other Relevant Work Experience: 5 years of basic administrative, clerical & computer skills in US Army and inventory manager at office furniture installation firm.
Employer: Northwest Territorial Mint
Where Do You Currently Do This Work? Auburn, WA
Education: B.A. Marketing from UW; Specialty classes at School of Visual Concepts
Salary: Use PayScale to research compensation for marketing jobs.

Marketing Assistant / Administrative Assistant Description

Marketing and administrative assistant is a growing career field and common first job for recent college graduates. In this interview, Lars Carlson provides detailed information on the role of administrative assistants at a manufacturing and precious metals sales company. Lars gives an overall marketing job description and explains what to expect from entry-level positions. He goes over all aspects of his experience and offers marketing and administrative assistant tips that are helpful to others looking to enter the field. The skills learned in performing the duties of a marketer or administrative assistant are relevant to any other office work, even in an unrelated field such a finance or legal. In addition, a job in the marketing department of a firm is good preparation for eventually working at an advertising agency, the ultimate goal of many in this field. Find out why marketing has proven to be a rewarding career choice.