How to Get These 5 High-Paying Science Jobs

Peruse PayScale's College Salary Report, and one thing will immediately become clear: if you are interested in a high-paying job, STEM is the way to go. Of course, picking your college major by salary potential alone is a bad idea. At best, you could wind up highly paid and bored with your life's work. At worst, well, don't forget the old George Carlin routine: "Somewhere in the world is the world's worst doctor. And what's truly terrifying is that someone has an appointment with him tomorrow morning." You do not want to be that doctor ... or engineer, or scientist. But, the good news is that choosing a major doesn't mean building an indelible blueprint for your future; there are, for example, tons of science majors who never set foot in a lab after graduation, and make good money.

The 5 Best Jobs for Introverts

The modern workplace can be a nightmare for introverts, with its focus on collaboration and open-plan offices. If you're a person who dreads team projects and public speaking and gets more of a thrill out of canceling plans to attend a networking function than penciling it into the calendar, one of these jobs from PayScale's Best Jobs for You data package might be perfect for you.

Become a ‘Math Person’ and a Success at Work

The fastest way to talk yourself out of a successful career is to hold fast to the idea that you're "not a math person," and yet many workers do just that. Why? Because they believe that people are either good at something, or they're not -- even though evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

Geologist Salary and Job Outlook

Name: Dr. Jim Reynolds
Job Title: Geologist and Associate Professor of Geology Division of Science & Mathematics
Where: Brevard, North Carolina
Employer: Brevard College
Years of Experience: 30
Education: BA, Master’s, and PhD from Dartmouth College
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median geologist salaries.

Geologist Salary and Job Outlook

What is a petroleum geologist? What are different options for geology careers? For readers interested in the job outlook for future geologists and geologist salaries, this Salary Story provides an insider's look into a rarely examined profession.

Dr. Jim Reynolds works as a geologist, teaches geology, and has 30 years of experience in the field. He recently took time out from his busy geology career to explain the definition of a geologist and what it takes to become a successful geologist. He gave us insight into oil and gas jobs, environmental geologist jobs, as well as a academic geology careers. For those who love to travel, Dr. Reynolds also described some international opportunities for geology careers.

If you want to become a geologist, or want more info on current geologist salaries, don't miss this earth-shaking interview!

Forensic Scientist’s Salary: A Real Life CSI TV Show

Name: Barry Fisher
Job Title: Crime Lab Director
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Employer: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Years of Experience: 38 of Forensic Science experience
Forensic Science Education: BA Chemistry - City College of New York, Masters Organic Chemistry - Purdue University, MBA - Cal State at Northridge
Forensic Scientist Salary: $125,000

Forensic Scientist's Salary: A Real Life CSI TV Show

Thanks to the popularity of the CSI TV show, more and more people are wondering about the requirements to become a forensic scientist or want more info on a career in forensic science. And nearly everyone is curious about a forensic scientist’s salary. Many Americans may think the requirements to become a forensic scientist can be picked up simply by watching the CSI Miami Cast, mentioned on, but in reality, that's not the case. A career in forensic science requires both academic preparation and training specific to becoming a forensic scientist.

We recently interviewed Barry Fisher, Crime Lab Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Barry gave us the latest info on a forensic scientist’s salary, requirements to become a forensic scientist, forensic scientist education, how cases solved by forensics in real life differ from the CSI TV show and the low-down on a forensic scientist job - a vocation recently blogged on

If you've ever watched the CSI TV Show, you know that a career in forensic science looks exciting. But what is it really like to become a forensic scientist? What factors will influence a forensic scientist's salary? And what classes are part of a forensic scientist education? This Salary Story will answer your questions and solve the mystery...