Air Revolution: Women Force Culture Change at Nike

Image Credit: Pexels / Rafael

A group of women at Nike’s headquarters secretly surveyed their female colleagues about the prevalence of gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the company. When they had completed their survey, they shared their findings with …

5 Inappropriate Workplace Touching Lessons From Joe Biden

Maybe you're a hugger, or a back-slapper, or -- in your personal life -- a terrible flirt. Chances are, you know that none of this behavior will fly in the office, no matter how innocent your intentions. No one wants to be referred to HR for remedial training or, worse, lose their jobs because they didn't get the memo that it's 2015, and co-workers don't touch each other. In this, we are probably more with the program than many of our leaders in Washington. Take, for example, America's touchy-feeler-in-chief, Joe Biden.