7 Jobs For People Who Love Sleeping

Do you ever wish you could sleep your way through the workday? Well, it might not be quite as simple as that. But, there are some job opportunities out there that could be great for those who love to doze.…

Working Overtime? 4 Reasons to Stop

Working overtime might pad your bank account in the short run and/or get the boss on your side, but too much of a good thing isn’t great for your career.

You’ve probably pulled an all-nighter or two in your day, …

5 Ways Nature Can Fix Your Career

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The Secret to Being More Effective at Work? Sleep

It might seem obvious, but being overtired at work all day will strongly impact your productivity levels. By making sure you get enough sleep on a regular basis, you can keep on top of your responsibilities and not gain a reputation as the grouchy co-worker. Here are a few tips for getting the rest you need in order to excel during office hours.

How Our Sleep Affects Our Work (and Vice-Versa)

Trying to get a good night's sleep can sometimes be more difficult than it seems like it should be. First of all, although we all know that sleep is essential for maintaining our physical and mental health, a lot of us treat it like it's somewhat optional nonetheless. When life, or work-life, gets busy, it's all too easy to use some of the hours we usually devote to sleep to catch up on "critical" tasks instead. Then, when we finally do get to sleep, the quality of that sleep can also be affected by thoughts about work and the office. Let's face it, our sleep affects our work and our job affects our sleep. It's also important to keep in mind that lack of quality and quantity rest could have real and lasting consequences for you, both in and out of the workplace.

Find Happiness at Work … With More Sleep

If you're burning the midnight oil for work, you're in trouble. All that time at your desk means you're missing out on a key performance ingredient: sleep. Studies show that we're happier when we get more sleep, but how does that translate to the office? You might be surprised.

11 Ways Sleep Deprivation Is Ruining Your Career (and What to Do About It)

Not getting enough restful sleep at night can do more than leave you irritable and groggy in the morning – it could be the reason you aren't advancing in your career, too. We'll take a look at 11 alarming ways sleep deprivation affects your brain over time, and what you can do to help remedy your insomnia so that it doesn't prevent you from achieving success in your career.