How to Be More Likable (Really)

It’s easy to forget the subtleties of currying favor with your co-workers, your boss, or even strangers at a networking event. But, if you’re likable, you’re also likely more memorable to those you encounter at work and beyond, which could …

Don’t Dismiss Small Talk; Use It for Big Talk

Small talk exists in nearly every language. In Japan, it comes in the form of short grunts and nods called "aizuchi." In Persian culture, they're "taarof." In his 1923 essay, The Problem of Meaning in Primitive Language, Polish anthropologist Bronis?aw Malinowski coined the term "phatic communion" to describe small talk as "language used more for the purpose of establishing an atmosphere or maintaining social contact than for exchanging information or ideas." Whatever you call it, small talk plays a role in most cultures. And for most people, it either comes naturally or it doesn't. In fact, many of us hate it, particularly in a career context.