Is Your Smartphone Addiction Hurting Your Career?

Beeping, buzzing, constantly tempting — smartphones are always nearby, wanting our attention. But if you’re finding yourself checking your phone too much, you might be risking more than your attention span.

Employers won’t take kindly to a worker who can’t …

Could Using Your Smartphone at Work Improve Productivity?

A new study gives hope to everyone who's ever surreptitiously checked their personal email or slain a few swine in Angry Birds on the company time. Far from being a distraction, the research suggests, occasional smartphone usage seems to boost productivity.

Why You Should Stop Bringing Your Smartphone to Meetings

Everyone's been in a meeting with that person. A colleague is presenting on a topic, and while it might be boring, most everyone else is doing their best to be respectful and pay attention. However, there may be one person who keeps checking their phone, heads down sending messages, emails, or maybe even playing a game. It's annoying, it's distracting -- and it's rude.

No-Contract Mobile Phones at Work: Should Your Business Make the Switch?

These days, if your staff members don’t have smartphones your business could fall behind when it comes to productivity, customer outreach and innovation. But the truth is that company mobile phone plans can be quite expensive. The good news is that if you want to cut your business mobile phone costs, opting for a prepaid service can be more affordable than signing a contract. Gone are the days where small businesses and even larger corporations need to pay the higher price tag for staff members’ data overage charges, other fees and unused minutes that come with most two-year mobile service contracts. But should your business make the switch from postpaid to prepaid?