What Your Employer Thinks of Social Media

Ten years after Facebook became more than a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg's eye, employers have changed their attitude toward social media. No longer do they fret helplessly about employees spying on former flings or tweeting inappropriate comments about their brand on the company dime. Now, companies are getting in on the social media action, developing policies to protect themselves and harnessing online networking's power to find them the best and brightest workers.

What You Need to Know About Your Employer’s Social Media Policy and the Law

The National Law Review recently reported that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reached a settlement with Georgia-Pacific over their social media policy. This is big for just about anybody who works. As always, the law is trying to catch up with changes in technology and society. The details of this case help inform employees and their employers which businesses may and may not regulate regarding employees' personal use of social media.

3 Things Employers Won’t Tell You About Social Media

By now, we've all heard stories about people being fired for their social media use, either because they got caught tweeting on the company time, or because they said something outside of work, that tarnished their employer's brand. But there's more to the perils of social media than just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Here's what your employer knows about social media that might surprise you.

Career Confessions: Social Media Mistakes

There's a reason why (good) friends don’t let friends tweet when they're drunk. It's because they have enough smarts to know that it only takes one inappropriate post to get a person fired or in a sticky dilemma at work. Let's take a look at some people who failed to protect themselves from the unforgiving winds of social media destruction.

The 5 Commandments of Social Media Etiquette

Social media has provided the general public with a platform to practice (or abuse) freedom of speech. Yes, a person is entitled to do almost anything they wish on their social media networks; however, let's not forget that recruiters and employers are online as well. The last thing you want is to have your boss find out from Instagram exactly how much fun you had in Vegas last weekend. To spare yourself some embarrassment, consider these social media rules to help you play it safe in your personal and professional life.