Why Don’t Schools Teach Soft Skills?

If you’ve spent time browsing job listings, you’ve probably noticed that employers want candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Where and when do people gain these soft skills, though? It’s a critical need within the job market that’s often …

What’s With the Hieroglyphics, ‘Merica? 5 Tips For Writing With Real Words

Get out your iPhone or your stone slab. We write with pictures now.

When a friend told me recently that the youth these days use emojis to build phrases, like how we use words to make a sentence, my response was, "Really? Are we going back to hieroglyphics?"

I checked in with my 20-something cousin, and apparently this is a sensation that has been sweeping the nation for a while. A tech recruiter I know describes emoji conversations as "an interpretive dance." These artful statements may send the correct message or they may not. It's all about interpretation.