Entrepreneur to Launch Startup From a Tent in the Woods

An Internet startup can survive on very little. All it needs for sustenance is a working laptop, batteries for said laptop, good Wi-Fi, and a great idea. One developer from Sweden is testing just how little his startup needs by quitting his job, getting rid of his apartment and heading into the woods to live and work out of a tent.

3 Ways Wearable Technology Will Impact Startups

Get ready, tech startup founders. The future of computing is heading toward wearable tech products that extend far past Google Glass, and large corporations aren’t the only ones seeing big opportunities when it comes to offering wearable tech devices to consumers. These products are already beginning to shake things up in the startup world where founders have been seen swapping the usual web or mobile app idea for innovative, wearable technology creations. And this emerging trend is about to impact your tech startup in significant ways.

5 Books Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Read

If you’re thinking about ditching a stable, corporate job to make a go at the exciting world of startups, you’re not alone. With new, useful businesses sprouting up every day, it’s no wonder more people are saying goodbye to the status quo in order to follow their passions. But, before embarking on your new journey, you must educate yourself before making the leap. There are an astounding number of books on startups and entrepreneurship available, but rest assured that you can get by with reading just a handful so you can start in on starting up.