What Sets the Top Engineering Schools Apart? Not Just STEM.

At first glance, the list of top colleges in PayScale's 2016 College Salary Report looks like a love letter to STEM degrees. Not only do science, technology, engineering, and math subjects dominate the list of highest-paid majors by any degree level, there is an undeniable correlation between how high a college or university ranks and the percentage of STEM degrees they grant. But, as anybody who passed a basic statistics class knows, correlation is not causation. A closer examination reveals that what separates the very best STEM-focused colleges from the rest is that they encourage students to branch out beyond a traditional STEM curriculum. By examining what drives the success of the highest-earning college graduates, we can all learn a valuable career lesson and increase our own earning potential.

7 Surprising Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have STEM Degrees

You probably spend more time Googling your favorite celebs' film credits than their educational credentials, but it's time to give some recognition to celebrities with STEM degrees. The seven celebrities on this list do more than just provide us with mindless entertainment – each of the famous names listed below have earned a degree in a science, technology, engineering, or math subject.

Engineering Schools Top PayScale’s 2013 College ROI Report… Again

PayScale just released our 2013 College ROI Report, which measures the cost of attending over 1,000 colleges to median alumni salaries. Once again, Engineering Schools and Research Universities dominate the list of schools who offer the biggest return on investment for your hard-earned tuition dollars. For the second year in a row, Harvey Mudd College took home top honors, beating out better-known institutions like MIT and Caltech.