Too Much Work Is Making Us Sick

A recent report found that increasing workloads for employees puts their health at risk in a variety of ways. While the report examined workers in Germany, the results are relevant to workers in both Europe and North America, because we are seeing the same trends in so many of the world's developed countries. Too much work is making us all sick.

The 5 Most Stressful Food Service Jobs

There's a reason the great Tina Fey once said that her job producing, writing, and starring in 30 Rock was less stressful than "managing a Chili's on a Friday night." The job is set up to encourage stress: everything you have to do needed to happen five minutes ago, it's a multitasking nightmare, and you're dealing with the public. Often, the public is hungry. Always, the public seems to have gone out to eat because they're not allowed to abuse their families at home. You get the idea: food service is stressful.

These Are the 5 Happiest Food Service Jobs

High stress. Low pay. Little to no job security. There's a reason that many of the food service occupations PayScale examined for its recent Restaurant Report rate poorly for job satisfaction or job meaning, or both. But that doesn't mean that everyone who works in the restaurant business hates their jobs. Here, we examine some of the job titles that reported being happier at work.

How to Manage Your Social Anxiety at Work

Social anxiety is more than just a disinclination to pack each weekend with parties. For sufferers, the average day at work can be a nightmare of stressful situations and reduced productivity. However, there are ways to manage and overcome this form of stress.

How to Build Resilience for Career Success

Resilience is a person's ability to adapt. Resilience is not just about "bouncing back" from trauma and tragedy, but also from difficult experiences at work or financial stressors. And those who are able to bounce back after stress-producing life events, large and small, are much more likely to succeed.

The 5 Least Stressful Jobs of 2014

If you're thinking of changing jobs this year, you're probably already considering factors like aptitude, salary, and occupational outlook. Here's another thing to add to your list: maybe you'd like your next job to be a little less stressful, too.

Use Stress to Become More Productive

Stress is one of the cons of being an aspirational individual who seeks to have it all. This is exactly what Kate Matheny found. At 44, she had a high-pressure job as a public accountant and is a mom of two. She soon realized that the stress in her life needed to be addressed after she unwillingly lost weight and was losing sleep.

Women Are More Stressed Than Ever [infographic]

We've all heard about how difficult our ancestors had it. For some of us, it was Grandma washing clothes out of a washtub by the river. For others, it was the good 'ol "walking miles to school knee-deep in snow" story. So women today should have it easy, right? Not so fast, according to this HeartMath infographic.