Yes, You Really Need a Vacation!

Work is important. But so is time off. In fact, studies show you need a vacation once in a while to be at your best when you’re in the office.

Workaholic that you are, you take pride in your perfect …

Looking for a Summer Job? These Companies Still Have Openings

Between finals, graduations, and the unexpected madness of life, you weren't able to take the time to find a summer job. Now it's July, and you're in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what to do. Well, fear not. There are still jobs out there for the summer, and one might just have your name on it.

4 Tips for Enjoying Summer When You’re a Busy Grown-up

Remember summers when you were a kid? We all had different experiences, but whether you spent your summers at camp, fishing with your parents, or lounging around a pool with buddies, chances are we all have one memory in common: free time. At least, before we got old enough for summer jobs.