Fact Check: Do Welders Really Make More Than Philosophers?

If you watched Tuesday's GOP debate on Fox Business, you undoubtedly heard Neil Cavuto tell you that things were really, definitely interesting. And they were: each candidate had ample time to lay out broad details of their economic agenda, and an opportunity to show why theirs was superior to the others. Many times, however, the most interesting thing that was said wasn't a policy issue, but instead anecdotal claims left unchecked by the moderators. In particular, Marco Rubio had some interesting things to say about vocational training.

Culinary Students Fed Up with Tuition Costs

Many chefs pursue a culinary career for the art of it, not because they think they'll get rich working in a kitchen. (Well, unless you go into the field with the lofty goal of becoming a celebrity chef.) Starting salaries are miserably low and the hours are late and long. So why do chef schools charge a fortune for their typically 18-month programs?