“Lifestyle Perks” Might Be Dragging Down Wages

Remember 2008? Barack Obama was elected the United States’ first black president; “The Dark Knight”, “Iron Man” and “Twilight” dominated the box office; Rihanna and Chris Brown were topping the charts and a couple; U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps won a …

Rent Is Climbing, Wages Are Not

When the multi-trillion-dollar housing bubble burst, it created the worst financial crisis of our times, the Great Recession. Massive job losses followed cutbacks in consumer spending and business investment.

Now, years later, we can breathe somewhat easier knowing that …

How the Working World Has Changed Since the ’70s

Let's face it, if you were sitting in an office in the '70s, imagining what the working world would be like in 2016, I doubt you'd conceive of the changes that would take place in just 40 years. Before we even begin to talk about the internet, let's talk about clothes, job types, and yep, money.

Adult Dancers Receive $10M Settlement in Minimum Wage Class Action Suit

Every state has different wage laws. Some have substantially higher minimum wages than the federal minimum wage, while others do not. Some states allow employers to pay tipped employees less than the normal minimum wage, while others do not. But a recent case involving New York City adult dancers points out that one thing employers cannot do anywhere: force someone to work exclusively for tips and refuse to pay him or her any wage at all.

Are Prevailing Wage Laws Discriminatory?

If you work as a contractor on projects with federal funding, prevailing wage laws may be pertinent to your rate of pay. An opinion piece published in the Albuqurque Journal makes the argument that "prevailing wage" laws are discriminatory. Understand what these laws say and how they affect you.