PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Salary Negotiation Strategies for Working Moms

Even when women don't prioritize family over work, they pay a salary penalty for marrying and having kids. In fact, PayScale's report, Inside the Gender Pay Gap, shows that only childless, single men and women in the same jobs have a 0 percent gender pay gap. When women do put home responsibilities before work, they're paid increasingly less than men – and that's without taking significant time out of their careers to raise a family. When moms leave work, and then return, they face an uphill battle to get the pay they deserve. This week's roundup looks at salary negotiation techniques for those moms, as well as a checklist for buffing up your LinkedIn profile, and strategies to avoid burnout before it strikes.

4 Ways the Geller Law Group Helps Women Have It All

Women accounted for just 16.5 percent of law partners in 2013, despite the fact that they graduated from law school in equal numbers during the previous decade. Being a law partner inducts you into a high-pressure system with long hours and limited flexibility. It's the kind of job that practically requires a stay-at-home spouse in order to keep any kind of a personal life running smoothly. But, that arrangement isn't available to everyone. Some ambitious lawyers are left wondering how they can do both – that is, be a lawyer and have a life, and maybe even a family. At the Geller Law Group, an all-woman firm, it just might be possible.

Do You Suffer From Nice Girl Syndrome?

Ten years ago, Dr. Lois Frankel wrote Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office. At the time, it had quite the impact. Frankel helped women understand that the societal pressure they'd received to be nice, and their desire to be liked by their co-workers, was negatively affecting their success.

Choose Your Company Culture Wisely

Corporate culture affects employee behavior. This goes far beyond working hard to get something turned in because your boss wants it yesterday. People's ethical and personal decisions are based in part upon the values of the organization that employs them. Therefore, consider the culture of a company before you accept a job.

Addressing a Critique of the PayScale Gender Wage Gap Study

A contributor to wrote an opinion piece questioning the methodology of the recently released PayScale Gender Wage Gap report. In her blog post, titled “For-Profit Wage Comparison Website Overturns Feminist Dogma. Or Not.”, Jamie Bernstein brings up several points of contention about how we arrived at our main conclusion that the wage gap is much narrower than the oft quoted 80 cents to the dollar. We regularly receive questions about our gender wage studies as our findings do not conform to the wage gaps regularly touted. We welcome these questions because it gives us an opportunity to provide insight into the interesting trends that our data reveals.